Snow Windows

Ice-Skating Adventure Christmas Reusable Window Stencil

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Glide away to your picture-perfect Christmas with our ice rink in the snow This reusable eco window stencil will made a fabulous addition to your magical display. Simply sit back and savour the winter sun as it sets behind the young skaters.

Snow spray not included but can be purchased by UK customers here

Pairs perfectly with: Christmas Reusable Window Stencil 4-pack

Contains: One reusable window stencil depicting two children skating with trees in the background.

Dimensions: 42cm wide x 29.7cm h (A3)


Instructions for use: Stick to window in preferred position (lining up to the other stencils as desired). Spray across the stencil as well as the area of glass directly below it. Carefully peel the stencil away from the window to leave snowy scene.

Wash stencil carefully in warm soapy water, or store flat for repeat usage year after year.

Snow spray will remain on window as long as desired provided it is not touched. To remove, simply scrape away as much of the snow as possible with a squeegee and wash off remaining residue with soapy water. 

Snow spray not included. May be purchased separately here

Our full range of stencils can be combined with each other to create your own bespoke scene

  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Non adhesive
  • Easily removed
  • Made in the UK