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Gonks Reusable Window Stickers

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Back by popular demand! These colourful chaps parachuted their way into our 2021 collection. Unsurprisingly, their irresistible charm made them a runway success. So why not go a little gonk-tastic this year and add these endearing characters to your Christmas window display!

As befits these gonks' mystical and mischievous characters, their colour tones changes throughout the day. Whilst we would love to say that this is genuine North Pole magic, it is actually what Bob Ross would call a "Happy Accident". The process by which we achieved the double aspect of the sticker results in the colour appearing to fade from the gonks as the day begins to darken. By next morning it has magically returned to full effect once again. But for the children (& true believers) surely this is simply more proof of the magic of the season?!

Our window stickers are extremely robust, easy to use and simple to reposition. No sticky residue or marks! All stickers are duel aspect so they look just as good from the inside looking out as the outside looking in. When you're finished with the sticker for this year, simply roll up and store for future window displays.

Contains: Four stickers, each depicting a colourful gonk travelling by snowflake - two 'surfing', one sledging and one parachuting.

The Gonks vary in size. The sizes are: largest sticker – 21cm W x 19cm H. Smallest sticker – 10cm W x 8.5cm H

Instructions for use: Simply peel off the protective film (retaining for future storage) and place on any glass surface as takes your fancy. Line the sticker up along one edge and gently release the rest of the sticker letting it attach in place as it goes. Use a hand or squeegee to smooth out any air.

To move, just peel off and reposition.

To store, put the protective film back in place (if lost, baking paper is just as good) to keep the sticky side from getting dirty. Either roll or keep flat to store for future years!

  • Adhesive free
  • PVC free
  • Leaves no residue
  • Easily removed and repositioned
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable 
  • Made in the UK